Mini Cakes

I bought Wilton‘s mini cake pan set and finally got around to making some cakes with them. I also recently bought some stencils at Michael’s for $1 a piece.   So I wanted to share with you all the final result of my purchases.

On to the cakes!  I ended up making three cakes total. I would have ended up with four if I had remembered to grease the pans on the second batch.  😀  I originally thought I was only going to get two cakes, but the pans are smaller than I thought.  I did chocolate cakes with chocolate mousse as the filling.  For the frosting I used Wilton’s basic butter cream frosting, used raspberry extract instead of vanilla.

Chocolate Mousse:

1 Package Chocolate Pudding Mix

1 Package Cool Whip


1. Make pudding according to package directions.

2. Add in cool whip until you reach the mousse consistency that you want.

  • I only used 1/2 of the cool whip for the mousse that filled the cake.


For this cake I wanted to try the rose cake method that I originally saw on I am Baker‘s blog.


For this cake I make a gauche for the top.  Then I used a heart stencil.  It did not turn out quite like I was anticipating. This could be due to the powdered sugar not being sifted before I tried to use it on the stencil.  To make the gauche that I used on these cakes, I melted chocolate and added some milk.  While it turned out tasty, I would not use that recipe again because it is not the best gauche I have ever used.


This cake’s stencil turned out worse than the other one, again due to not sifting the powered sugar first and the gauche still being warm enough to start dissolving the powdered sugar.

I still really enjoyed making these cakes and using the stencils!  I cannot wait to make more cakes with these pans and stencils!



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