Breakfast Sandwiches

I found these super yummy rolls at our grocery store!  I figured they would make tasty breakfast sandwiches and I was right!  I also tried to make ravioli sliders, and the bread that I used didn’t work (thus no post). I’m thinking I might try with this bread.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Makes 2 Servings


6 Slices of Turkey

3 Eggs

2 Tablespoons of Colby-Jack Cheese  – shredded

2 Ciabatta Rolls – Cut in Half



1. Cut the rolls in half and shred the cheese.

2. In a bowl whisk the eggs.  Then spray a skillet with some pam.

3. Cook the eggs on medium heat in the skillet.

4. After about 1 minute of cooking at the cheese to the eggs and finish cooking the eggs until they are no longer wet looking.

5. Lightly toast the rolls.

6. Put 2 slices of turkey on 1 side of the roll and then the other slice on the other side of the roll. Repeat for the second roll.  Divide the cheesy eggs between the 2 rolls.

7. Put the two sides of the roll together and now you have a tasty breakfast sandwich!

**Note: Add apple slices for some tasty fruit in the morning!

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