Tropical Barbecue Kabobs

I love pineapple!  In my opinion it is one the most tasty fruits out there, only second to raspberries.  When I saw this recipe for kabobs with pineapple it was immediately on my to-make list!  Now that I have made it, this recipe might just become a summer staple!


1 Pineapple (Cut into Cubes)

1 Lb. of Boneless, Skinless Chicken  Breast (Cut into Cubes)

1 Large Green Pepper (Cut into Cubes)

1 Large Red Pepper (Cut into Cubes)

3 Tbsp of Frozen Orange Juice

1/2 C. of Original Flavor Barbecue Sauce


1. Prepare the pineapple, peppers, and chicken.

2. Skewer the pieces alternating with ingredients.

3. Prepare Sauce.  Mix the orange juice and barbecue sauce.

  • The rest of the directions are split into either cooking in the oven (A) or cooking on the grill (B).  I made mine in the oven, but wished that I could have grilled them.  Either way these kabobs are super tasty!

4A. Coat kabobs in the sauce.

4B. Brush kabobs with half the sauce.

5A. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

5B. Pre-heat the grill.

6A. Put kabobs in the oven for 6 mins. Rotate and cook for another 6 mins.  Rotate for the final time and cook the for the last 6 mins. Check for doneness of chicken.  Cook for another 4 mins if chicken is not done.

6B. Put kabobs on the grill for 8-10 mins, or until chicken is done.  Rotate occasionally and brush with more sauce.

7. Serve kabobs and enjoy!

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