Cake Balls – Round 1

Until recently I had never heard of cake balls or cake pops.  Apparently they are the newest novelty in baking.  I figured I had better give them a try!  I made some cupcakes to be posted for a certain holiday coming up soon, and used the left over cake batter for cake balls.  I stumbled across Bakerella‘s food blog and saw she had several cake ball/pop recipes.  I used her basic Red Velvet Cake Ball recipe to assemble mine.


1 Cake Mix of Your Choice

16 oz. Frosting of Your Choice

Melting Chocolate

Decoration Items: Sprinkles, Nuts, Powdered Sugar, etc…






















1. Make your cake mix according to the recipe or box directions.

2. Let the cake cool completely.  Crumble the cooled cake in a large bowl.

  • Crumble the cake into the smallest pieces you can.  I think mine would have looked better if the cake had been crumbled more.

3. Mix in whole 16 oz. of frosting, if using a full cake mix.

  • Use half the frosting if using half the cake mix.

4. Make small balls with the cake mixture.  Put the cake balls on a baking tray.

5. Put the cake balls in the fridge. Leave them in the fridge for at least 1 hour.  They can stay in the fridge longer if needed.

  • This step is to help stiffen the frosting so that the cake balls hold their shape.











6. Melt the chocolate.

7. Coat the cake ball in the chocolate.  Tap off excess chocolate.  Set the chocolate covered cake ball on wax paper to dry.

  • If you want to make a cake pop, add the stick at this point.  Have the stick pointing up so that the stick won’t fall, or if you lay them sideways, have a block to hold the stick from falling.
  • If you want to add sprinkles or nuts add them after coating the cake ball.
  • If you want to add chocolate drizzle decorations wait until the chocolate cover cake ball has dried or is close to dried.

8. Serve and Enjoy!

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