How to Fill a Piping/ Decorating Bag

When decorating with piping bags there are several techniques to make it easier.  First the bag itself.  I prefer to use the disposable plastic bags.  It save time on clean-up and piping with different colors.  If I don’t have piping bags, plastic sandwich bags can work as well.  I do have a few professional piping bags by Wilton that I like.

First, when I am use decorating bags, I make sure to have my frosting or icing ready.  I found it easier to pipe when my frosting/icing is just under or at room temp.  However, the temperature of your frosting or icing really depends on the type and purpose.

Second, I collect all my supplies, couplers, tips, spatula/spoon, bags, scissors, etc..    Now I measure the coupler and the bottom of the decorating bag.  I make a cut in the bag just below where the top of the coupler was on the bag.  I stick the coupler into the back and try to fit it into the bottom.  The coupler should fit snuggly with the threads of the coupler are not in the bag. If you need to cut more of the bag, push the coupler up a little and make the cut.

Third, I attach my tip.  Then I fold the top of the bag 1-2 inches over. Fourth, I fill the bag with frosting or icing.  By having the fold it helps to make sure that all the frosting makes it into the bag and not on the outside. Fifth, I push the frosting down towards the tip.  By keeping the frosting closer to the tip it allows for better pressure when piping. Sixth, twist the top right at the top edge of the frosting.  This also will help the pressure while piping. Seventh, make sure to keep holding the twisted part of the bag.

Eighth, now you have filled your decorating bag!

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