Memorial Weekend Tradition

My family has a tradition for Memorial weekend.  Every year we go to Bird City Kansas.  This is the town where my grandma grew up.  We visit Bird City to remember her parents by laying flowers on their graves.  This is something that I have done my whole life.  It’s something I look forward to each year.  For me, memorial weekend means spending time with those you love and remembering those that have passed on.

On a lighter note, I thought I would tell you all about the food.  This is a food blog after all.  We always drive to Bird City and on our way we stop at a Dairy King.  We have always stopped there for lunch.  My cousins, sister, and I look forward to this stop because it means that we could get some ice cream and stretch our legs.

I usually get a hamburger and a chocolate shake. I changed it up this year and got the chicken club and a chocolate shake.  Often times we eat outside, but this year it was pretty windy so we ate inside.  This Dairy King is cool because it is also a bowling alley. This is one of my favorite stops on our way to Bird City.

Since Bird City is a small town the best place to enjoy dinner is at Big Ed’s Steakhouse!  What is cool for me is that my great-grandpa use to own this building.  It used to be the grocery store, named Chapman’s.  Whenever we go eat here, I always try to imagine what it might have looked like back when he owned it.

Now I’m not a huge steak person, so I ordered the catfish for dinner.  However, since Big Ed’s is known for their steak I figured I should how a picture of the steak.  Thankfully my sister is a steak freak.

Doesn’t that steak look awesome!  I know I said I’m not a big steak person, but the steak’s at Big Ed’s always look and taste great!  I also had a chance to try something I had not had before.  Some of you may know what Texas Toothpicks are, but I was unaware.  It was one of the choices for a side with the catfish.  Texas Toothpicks are fried onions and green peppers.  I enjoy onion rings so I thought why not!  I thought that they would taste similar to onion rings, but they are different.  I think I would have enjoyed them more, if there had been a little more flavor.  For me, most of the flavor came from the ranch dipping sauce.

The only complaint that we have about Big Ed’s, as a family, is that when you order a salad with your meal it doesn’t come first, but on the entrée plate.  Big Ed’s though is a tradition, and the food is really tasty so I still will go back each year!  When I was little,  my cousins, sister, and I would go across the street after dinner and play on the tank that sat in the World War II memorial.  In recent years the town moved the tank to the park.  Since I was so used to it being in the memorial it was a little weird to me at first.  However, I think that since so many kids play on it, that it is more respectful to have it in the park instead of the memorial.

Though Memorial weekend, for me, means spending time with loved ones and remembering those that have passed on.  I still want to thank those that have served and are still serving for all they have done!  Thank you for what you do!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial day.


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  1. Great post, Jessica!

  2. Wonderful little town!

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