Mother’s Day Cake

So for mother’s day I made two sunflower cakes. One for Gary’s mom and one for my mom.  This one turned out the best.

This is a yellow cake with a chocolate fudge frosting in the middle with some fresh raspberries.  The outside frosting is a vanilla butter cream.  For the sunflower seeds I used mini chocolate chips.

To create the petals of the flower I recommend a leaf tip (such as tip 352).  I was bummed because I forgot my piping tools and had to make do with a plastic baggie.  If you do not have a leaf tip, like I didn’t, you can cut a small triangle into the end of your plastic bag.

For the bottom and top piping I would recommend using a round tip (such as tip 3 or 12).  Again because I forgot my piping tools I used a plastic bag and just cut the corner off. I tried to make sure that I made a small cut, I didn’t want to have a giant hole.

As seen from this Mother’s day cake, you don’t need professional tools to create a great looking cake.  If you look at the surprise doll cake in my gallery, I iced it using a butter knife, and that turned out great. Basic household tools can get you pretty far!

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  1. WOW ! Jessica. I’m impressed. It looks great, G-ma

  2. This is such a lovely looking mother’s day cake =)

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