Cinco de Mayo (Part 2)

For our Cinco de Mayo main meal we made stuffed shells, taco style!  I saw this recipe the other day and knew it was perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

Taco Stuffed Shells


1 Box of Jumbo Shells

1 lb. Ground Beef

1 Package Taco Seasoning

4oz Cream Cheese


1 Cup Taco Sauce

80z Mexican Style Shredded Cheese

Sour Cream (optional)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Boil water in a pot.  Add  the jumbo shells and cook until shells are soft.  About 12 minutes.

3. Drain the water.

4. Cook the ground beef until no longer pink. Follow the directions on the taco seasoning packet.

5. Add the cream cheese to the beef.  Cook until melted.

6. Put the salsa in a baking pan.

7. Stuff the shells with the beef mixture.  Put the shells on the salsa.

8. Drizzle the taco sauce over the shells.

9. Sprinkle the cheese over the shells.

10. Put the shells in the oven and cook the shells for ten minutes or until the cheese is melted on top.

11. Once the shells are done, let them cool for two to three minutes.

12. Serve with a dollop of  sour cream.

Hope you enjoy the guacamole and chips and taco stuffed shells! Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!

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